Visit one of our partner restaurants or attend a partner event

A £1 donation will be added to your party's bill or event ticket

100% of this money goes to our partner organisation, The Hope Foundation 

Retain the table card, follow the link on the back and sign up for a chance to win A trip to Calcutta 

Invite your local restaurant to sign up to the campaign 

Make a one-off donation



“It was through an informal version of EAT4HOPE that I was first introduced to the work of The Hope Foundation when I was running a pub in 2009.

“When the London office of HOPE was set up, my boss’ sister was appointed to the board and it was only natural we hosted the launch party. As a business, we wanted to stay involved and so started adding a voluntary donation to each guests’ bill.

“A few months in and I wanted to see where the money was going, so I visited Calcutta to see the magic happen for myself. It’s a cliché to say this but the trip changed my life. Fast forward seven years and I’ve lost count of the number of visits I’ve made to the city. I’ve also recently set up an office in Mumbai and intend to split my time between the two countries. HOPE will continue to be a huge part of my life as will Calcutta.

“HOPE really does change lives. And Rani and Puja, whom I’ve sponsored and seen grow up over several years, prove that. They’ve grown into empowered, independent young women with the brightest possible futures. 

“And all this started with asking people for £1 at the end of a meal.”

Edward Francis - Co-founder, Rebel Hospitality